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360 Health and Wellness Services provide quality healthcare that addresses the "whole you." We firmly believe that your health is "FULL CIRCLE" because it incorporates many different variables of your overall well-being. With our multiple disciplinary services, including Plano physical therapy, massage therapy, professional counseling, wellness consultations, and nutritional coaching, your healthcare needs can be completely supported. Our goal at 360 Health and Wellness is to provide unparalleled healthcare to every individual in order to help optimize your lifestyle. 


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Pelvic Floor Therapy

(Women's Health)

Addresses urinary and fecal incontinence, constipation, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, pregnancy and postpartum issues.

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Whether it's your knee, hip, ankle, shoulder, or back, we provide you with quality physical therapy in Plano to help address your orthopedic conditions.

Functional Medicine
Do you have a chronic condition
that you've been struggling with for years? If so, functional medicine can help you identify the root cause of your issue. 
Massage Therapy


Coming soon. 

Professional Counseling 

We provide support for anxiety, depression, anger management, trauma and other mental health needs. 

Group Counseling

Are you looking for a safe place to express your feelings and connect with others in a small group setting? Well, 360 Health and Wellness Services offers group counseling services to help support your mental health need. Contact us today to schedule your next group counseling session. 


"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."                                                  

                                                 - Maya Angelou


Dr. Danielle Bailey

Physical Therapist, PT, DPT
Functional Medicine Practitioner 

Evena Pierre

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC

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Highly recommend! Only took a few sessions to help identify and correct a pelvic dysfunction I’ve had my whole life. I would have never known had I not gone to her. Amongst many issues, she helped with my diastasis recti from prior pregnancies. Other providers told me there was nothing I can do for my diastasis except surgery. Dr. Bailey taught and empowered me to build up all aspects of my core. Also, no more peeing myself when I sneeze lol, you mamas know what I mean. Thank you Dr. Bailey!!


                                                                           Patient M.R.                                                                      Plano, TX

About two years ago, my life changed drastically after I become bed bound and nearly completely immobile. I was diagnosed with a tibial plateau fracture, while at the same time, had a major flare-up with my autoimmune condition.  Because of this, I was unable to sit up, transfer to a chair, stand, or even walk. I could not drive, had to work from home, and my family pretty much did everything for me. It was a very challenging time in my life. Dr. Danielle Bailey, with 360 Health and Wellness Services, truly made a difference for me. For five months, I received physical therapy services which helped improve my range of motion in my lower extremities, my muscle strength, endurance, confidence, and independence.  I am now able to stand, walk, drive, and go back to work. With her clinical expertise and compassion for this amazing profession, Danielle encouraged me every step of the way, even when I felt discouraged, and was extremely hard on myself. If you’re someone who is needing outstanding physical therapy services, Dr. Danielle Bailey,  hands down, will provide you with exceptional care that will help you reach your goals.  

                                                                                  Patient A.V.

                                                                                  Mansfield, TX

After my C-section I had pain and difficulty with intercourse. I started seeing a pelvic floor specialist my OBGYN had recommended, and my symptoms got worse! The specialist had told me to stop trying to have intercourse completely and couldn’t give me straight answers about how long the treatment process would take or when I could expect to be able to have intercourse with my husband again. This was scary to me, but I did it for 6 weeks (!!!) because I was desperate. Then I found Danielle…TG! I noticed a difference from our very first session. She asked me thorough and insightful questions about my symptoms, and explained everything to me during our first session without my even asking! She explained to me in detail what she diagnosed as the problem, what the course of treatment would look like, and when I could expect to comfortably be able to have intercourse with my husband again. It was so reassuring to have some answers. And I saw results right away! Each session with her was so thorough and professional. I was so happy with the care I received with Danielle that I recommended her to my OBGYN. Danielle was truly invested in my health and wanted to help me achieve my goals…which was the ability to have sex with my husband without pain!! This was such an emotional journey for me and my family. And I’m so grateful to have found Danielle. This was an embarrassing topic for me, and she made it seem so natural and spoke to me about it with such professionalism that it really put me at ease. I am still using her exercises today, and I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone with similar issues. I can’t thank her enough! Thank you, Danielle! You are amazing!

                                                                               Patient H.K.

                                                                               Plano, TX



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